Lamb Rib Eye Sous Vide Encrusted with Porcini Mushroom and Coriander

Sous Vide Lamb Rib Eye Encrusted with Porcini Mushrooms and Coriander

Sous Vide cooking works great for this cut of lamb. It's not much work after a few trys to debone the eye from the rack of lamb. You can also sous vide the full rack. An advantage to deboning the rack is the reserved bones with meat can be roasted and then used to make an excellent lamb stock.

Lamb as well as beef gets its red color from the myoglobin molecule found in muscles. When oxygen is bond to the heme group the color of the myoglobin molecule (oxymyoglobin) will be red, as in the case of hemoglobin found in the red blood cell. There is no blood though in meat (it is all drained out). The red liquid that comes out of the meat is not blood but instead a mixture of water and myoglobin.


For 2

1 rack of lamb
1 bunch of broccoli
2 T powdered dry shiitake or porcini mushrooms

1 T powdered coriander from seeds
1 recipe Robuchon Mashed Potatoes
1/4 cup wine sauce


For the sous vide rack of lamb

Debone the rib eye from the rack of lamb. Season and vacuum pack the rib eye. Sous vide at 134F for 1 1/2hours. Note: if straight from refrigerator you may need 2 hours..

Note: The lamb used for this dish was New Zealand Rack of Lamb from Trader Joes

After cooking remove the lamb, reserve any cooking liquid to be used with a sauce. Set in aside in a plate and let rest 5 minutes. Roll the lamb in powdered shiitake mushrooms and sear in oil till browned. Let rest again 5 minutes then slice.

For the Broccoli

Steam the broccoli in a little water for 5 minutes, then refresh in cold water till ready to use.


Reheat the broccoli in a little oil. Add the potatoes and sliced lamb to a warm plate. Garnish with the broccoli and red wine reduction.

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