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Cooking with the Color Yellow



Yellow Food Sources:

apricots, butternut squash, yellow lentils, cantaloupe, carrots, mangos, peaches, pumpkins, sweet corn...

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Health Benefits

Sweetcorn is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B1, which works in the body to break down carbohydrates and convert them to that all-important body fuel, glucose, for energy. Lentils are rich in isoflavones - cancer-preventing phytochemicals that prevent the growth of oestrogen-dependent tumours. They are one of the best sources of genistein - the best-known of the isoflavones, which has been shown to kill off leukaemia cells in mice. Lentils also provide both important types of fibre - soluble to slow down the passage of food through the gut and maximise absorption of nutrients, and insoluble or dietary fibre to help keep the colon cleansed. A member of the pea family, lentils are also rich in iron, potassium and copper. Bananas strengthen the stomach lining and help lower blood cholesterol levels. They have a natural antibiotic action and provide for a a generous intake of potassium - which works to maintain a healthy heart. Bananas also provide vitamin B6, which helps regulate hormones and act as a natural probiotic in the body to build and support higher levels of the good bacteria that promote healthy digestion.







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